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Anthea Livingstone

Anthea loves to help make people's dreams of home ownership come true. She works with people to make a plan and wherever possible sees them through the steps of that plan, till it comes to fruition.

Anthea comes from a family of bankers: her grandfather, her sister and brother, and now her niece. Her first job after leaving school was for Trusteebank Canterbury. And she has always had an interest in banking and finance.

Anthea opened her home ownership account at 15 because her big dream was to buy her first home. She achieved that at 21. She has never forgotten that feeling of walking in to her very first home. And she wants to be part of creating that feeling for others.

Anthea returned to the finance industry in 2015. For her, being a financial adviser is all about creating endless opportunities for everyone to help make their dreams come true. Creating a plan to secure that first home, to build a dream home or buy an investment property. And then to help protect those dreams in the event that the unexpected occurs.

Anthea has an absolute passion for finance for new builds. One of her favourite things is going to visit clients in their brand-new home. The look of joy on their faces and the satisfaction of knowing she helped with part of that process is incredible.

Mortgage Link Christchurch are a small team but a great one. They also love to consolidate short term debt and help people save money on the interest they pay, so that they can pay the debt off faster

When Anthea isn't busy helping making dreams come true, she loves to hang out with her family, sing with her band, travel, do some scrapbooking and enjoys catching up with friends for a coffee or wee glass of Prosecco!

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    Mortgage Link Christchurch are totally mobile. We can come to you or meet you at the cafe of your choice.

  • What lenders do we work with?

    We have a wide range of lenders we are accredited with for a variety of types of lending:
    ANZ, ASB, Avanti Finance, BNZ, Bluestone, Liberty Financial, RESIMAC, SBS Bank, AIA/Sovereign Home Loans, The Co-operative Bank, Westpac, NZCU Baywide, Cressida Capital Ltd, DBR Property Financiers, Heartland Bank, TSB Bank, Southern Cross Finance, Prospa, Pepper Money, Spotcap, First Mortgage Trust, General Finance, Basecorp Finance, Bluestone