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John Bolsover

I am keen to share my experience to build long-term relationships with my clients. For many, this starts with getting the right loan. For others, it’s providing advice to get a plan in motion.

Hi, I'm John

I qualified as an Authorised Financial Advisor in 2019, following a 19-year career to senior management level in banking, working in the areas of economics, strategy, and business planning. Prior to that, I worked as an economist at Beef and Lamb NZ.

I can also draw on insights from over 20 years of marriage guiding three children through to adulthood, coaching through the junior, youth and college grades, instructing at pony club and at times juggling our mortgage, retirement plans and children’s education.

In 2020 I joined Derek Hughes, who has over 14 years’ experience as the owner of Mortgage Link Kapiti and prior to that, 27 years’ banking experience to a high management level in the UK.

Together, we have the knowledge and experience to understand our clients’ needs and source the best lending solution for those needs.

As an Authorised Financial Adviser, I am also qualified to provide advice on KiwiSaver, Managed Funds and investment planning.

Derek and I pride ourselves on providing our clients with expert advice, recommendations, and support to help them get the best loan for their circumstances. We are committed to providing superior service along with good, honest and reliable advice, so that we can do the right thing by you, the client.

Please feel free to get in touch for a free, no obligation introduction.

Regards, John

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  • Why use a Mortgage Link Kapiti broker?

    Derek has over 14 years’ experience as owner of Mortgage Link Kapiti and prior to that 27 year’s banking experience to a high management level in the UK. John has 35+ year experience in economics, strategy, planning and advisory. Together, they are committed to providing superior service along with good, honest and reliable advice.

  • Does it cost anything to use a mortgage adviser?

    Seeking professional advice from one of our advisers’ costs you nothing and you may be pleasantly surprised at the difference good advice can make.

  • Who pays for your service?

    In most cases, when arranging finance for a residential property or investment property, the lender that approves your loan will pay approved financial service providers for successful applications. If we do need to charge a fee for any reason, for example, some business propositions, we will negotiate an agreed fee for our services before we begin any work for you.

  • Do I need a 20% deposit?

    The removal of loan to value restrictions by the Reserve Bank would appear to have opened-up the market. However, uncertainty about the economic outlook means that lenders remain cautious about accepting loan applications from applicants with a small deposit. We can check that you have looked at other options, such as gifting, guarantees and government programmes, before discussing which lenders are prepared to provide loans to buyers with smaller deposits and ensure your application supports a positive outcome.

  • Why use a mortgage broker?

    The advantage of using a mortgage adviser is that they have access to a wide variety of banks and non-bank lenders and can therefore source the loan that suits your specific situation.

  • Why use a Mortgage Link broker?

    We are specialists who can provide you with expert advice, recommendations and support to ensure you get the best loan for your circumstances.