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Bernie van der Merwe

Customer service is especially important to me. I will work with you to help customise a plan suitable for your individual and family requirements so that you can achieve your financial goals.

Having been in the Financial Services industry since 1985, I have obtained extensive experience in various areas in the financial arena.

I was self-employed in South Africa and immigrated to New Zealand in 2010 and now gained my mortgage and insurance experience, working for several brokerages to gain the Kiwi experience needed in the Financial Services industry.

I am married to Lindy and have 2 grown daughters.

I have been advising individuals and families regarding their personal nances (new mortgages, debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing and insurance) to get ahead and protect their most important, valuable family asset, their lives, and homes. I will work with you and help set a plan to achieve your financial goals.

I understand the importance of having a plan for your short, medium, and long-term financial goals. This includes buying a home, paying for education and then retirement.

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