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Kirsten Collier

I aim to take the stress out of the loan application process and ensure that I find the right financial solution for you.

With over 20 years experience in retail banking, Kirsten has held several roles which have included lending, investments, insurances & customer service.

Kirsten is well placed and skilled to provide professional advice to her clients on their home buying journey.

"I'm focused on building long-term relationships to be there not just for your application process, but for the future of your mortgage."

Kirsten is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals whether it is buying their first home, an investment property, renovations, or debt consolidation.
"I'm here to work alongside you to find the right financial solution for any and all situations."

In Kirsten’s spare time you will likely find her on the side-line at cricket or hockey supporting her 2 teenage children.

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