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Glenda Walters

You find the home, I'll do the rest.

Getting a mortgage can be stressful and not something you do every day. As a mortgage broker and adviser, my aim is to make the process as smooth as possible for you by using my knowledge to make sure your mortgage meets your needs, working with you for the life of your loan to help you pay your mortgage off in the least possible time, therefore save you thousands of dollars or to achieve whatever your goals may be.

I enjoy meeting new people and I pride myself on advocating for my clients, and I am committed to ensuring your mortgage is right for you and your family. I thrive on a challenge and appreciate that everyone’s circumstances are different, but together we can achieve your financial goals.

I joined Mortgage link in 2002, and since then have built up a close working relationship with our lenders and have many wonderful clients. I am a financial adviser. Our office has received many awards from Mortgage Link New Zealand from Broker of the Year, Team of the Year and the Supreme Award. This recognition has been amazing and reflects the fact that we work as a team making sure there is always someone there to help you.  I was a finalist in the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers Association Broker of the Year award for 4 years and won the Regional award for all 4 years. 

Investing in property is a great way of building future wealth. Having investment properties myself, allows me to have an understanding of the needs for those, with one, or several rental investments.

“Your mortgage may be the most expensive thing you will ever have in your life. I believe everyone should seek advice from an expert to make sure their mortgage is designed for their own specific needs. Ensuring you have the right mortgage will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan.”  

Living in Mosgiel, I am excited to assist you and your family into your home and together see our community grow.

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