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Thomas O'Leary

At Mortgage Link Rotorua, I can offer you answers. But it's who you are that will guide us to a solution. We will find a way forward, together. Find your solution here!

Hi. I'm Thomas O'Leary. I am Tangata Whenua, of Te Arawa descent with connections up north as well. I have been married to Jo for 30+ years and have three adult daughters. My work background has corporate overtones. I have worked for some of the largest companies in New Zealand in my time.

I have found working in finance tremendously rewarding. One of my very early clients named their new dog after me - Tommo. It blew me away! This advisory business can be very personal and I respect my clients immensely. I am personable, committed to ethical behavior and a proud New Zealander. I love to read, laugh, learn and to be in my wife's company.

Tena koe.

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