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Tracey Douglas

Looking for a mortgage broker in the Taupo? Look no further...

I joined Mortgage Link Taupo in 2019 and come from a background of family business ownership. I have invested in property myself and that’s what drove me to become a mortgage adviser. I remember how hard it was when the banking language sounded so foreign and there seemed to be so many hoops to jump through with little help through the mainstream avenue. I strive to take those experiences and offer first home buyers’, step by step advice on the process, so that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. I offer personalised advice for people purchasing their dream home or wanting to invest in their first, second of third property, from employees to business owners, I offer solutions to meet your needs and expectations to achieve your personal goals.

In my spare time I am generally found out riding, running, or paddling with friends somewhere in the beautiful Taupo and surrounding areas.


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