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Charles Spilhaus

I have particular focus on lending for self-employed persons, business purchases, second property & multiple properties, and reverse mortgages for retired people. First home buyers also welcome!

My life has been all about money & banking! On the face of it money and spirituality are polar opposites but financial prudency & being able to take care of family & community is intrinsic to well-being of all people. I am most interested in helping people grasp business opportunities, develop careers and build their lives and families. I find all life-stages interesting - the starting out, the mid-life consolidation and moving into retirement. None of us have done all the right things in the past, but working from where we are today, we can make a difference. If you read my reviews on Google-my-Business (just google 'mortgage broker masterton') you will see appreciative comments that showcase what I do. One of my favourite areas is Reverse Mortgages for retired people, dealing with people of my generation and adding depth to my Kiwi-experience. I am privileged to be trusted adviser to local families of  Cambodians, Vietnamese and Indians whom I regard very highly for their acumen, focus and cultural roots in the hard realities of Indo-China and the Indian sub-Continent.                                                                    

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