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A National Group of Mortgage Professionals who have been at the service of Kiwi families for almost three decades!
Founded in the early 1990`s, Mortgage Link was one of the first mortgage adviser groups to be established in New Zealand and played a vital part in the development of the industry.

We are a national network of independently owned and operated mortgage advisory firms operating under one umbrella. Most Mortgage Link advisers operate as independent business owners operating under the Link Financial Group Limited licence.

The company provides its licensees with partner agreements and relationships, brand development, compliance support, business and advisory systems as well as general support to allow our business owners to compete and succeed in their local markets.

Mortgage Link has relationships with most of New Zealand`s main lenders as well as an extensive range of other providers in the lending industry. With its long history and measured, professional approach to lender relationships, Mortgage Link is able to ensure clients have access to the most appropriate deal for their individual needs.

With 40 plus offices nationally our team of advisers are able to support our clients across a broad range of financial services.

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Compliance and Professional Development Manager

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Accounts and Commissions Manager

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Adviser & Business Support

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Executive Assistant to Josh Bronkhorst

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Adviser & Business Support Assistant Manager
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