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Personal Loans

Getting a new car, going on holiday, or are existing bills simply getting on top of you?

We can help you with:

  • Assessing your requirements
  • Finding the right lender with the best interest rate
  • Choosing the optimal repayment structure
  • Making sure you get what you want!

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Debt Consolidation

Get your finances back on track! Contact one of our our expert advisers to compare debt consolidation loan options for you today.
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Holiday Loans

Do you keep putting off your travel plans because the money always seems to go elsewhere?
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Vehicle Finance

Whether it’s for a new car, caravan, boat or jetski we have experience helping our clients with financing for all types of vehicles.
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Adviser Searcher

Quality Mortgage Advisers across New Zealand.

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Whether you are looking to upgrade, invest, refinance or buy your first home, Mortgage Link can help find a loan solution that suits your needs.
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We’ll help you identify what you need, the optimum protection for your budget, and how to make the most of your cover.
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Other Partners

Other Partners

We have a variety of partners we work with to help make things easier for you!
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