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Insurance Link

With specialist insurance advisers in most of our Mortgage Link offices we are able to provide risk management advice and insurance quotes specific to your own situation. The aim is to ensure that you will receive financial compensation (have the money you need) if something unforeseen happens


Insurance is designed to provide you financial compensation when you suffer due to a major unforeseen event that has a significant impact on your finances. We know that the best insurance will forever be the one that you don’t need, but it is always better to have and not need – than to need and not have. The risk of living without insurance is too great and therefore insurance is needed. Insurance Link helps you get the insurance you need at a price you can afford.

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FG Link

FG Link provides Commercial and Fire & General Insurance solutions as unique as you are. Seamlessly protecting you and your assets so you can carry on, focusing on “Doing Life”
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Movinghub is New Zealand's leading moving services company and can help make moving easy. They provide a free service to arrange the connection of all your customer utilities services at your new home.
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Link Home Loans

Link Home Loans has partnered together with Link Financial Group, which has a network of trusted advisers who can help tailor a mortgage deal specifically for you from our large panel of mortgage partners around New Zealand.
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