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Trauma Insurance

Extra financial help when you need it most.

You often hear of people struggling to afford the things they need when they are facing serious illness; it might be treatment that is not covered by the public health service,  medical insurance exclusions or a myriad of other unexpected costs.  Or they may simply desire to have a memory making trip with their families.

Trauma cover pays out on a select number of specified illnesses that will be agreed when your cover is put in place.  It pays a one off lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of around 40 specified illnesses or injuries.

When you are faced with a traumatic health challenge it may force you to reassess your priorities, so having the correct policy in place could alleviate much or all of the financial impact.

Our highly experienced Advisers work hard to tailor the best trauma cover for their clients and then walk alongside them throughout the claims process, we know only too well how invaluable this level of support is at such a stressful time.


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