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11 Mar 2021

Interior Trends for the Coming Winter

As we head into winter, 2021, there's never been a better time to refresh your home. While the last few months have been challenging for everyone, COVID-19 has helped to put many things into perspective. With people around the world spending more time at home, there has been an uptake in domestic energy and a renewed focus on the art of interior design. Let's take a look at some of the exciting new design trends that are ready to rock your world over the 2021 winter and beyond.

In the world of interior design, ideas come in and out of fashion all the time. Along with natural trends, the global pandemic has given people more time and energy to think about what really works in their domestic space. Many long-lasting interior trends reached their peak in 2020, as people looked for new ways to define themselves and their home amidst a backdrop of a brave new world. Working from home has had a powerful influence, with open floor plans, single purpose spaces, and cold minimalism all making less sense than they did just 12 months ago.

The popularity of "millennial pink" is also on the decline after a long time in the sun, with interior designer David Guth saying "It's sad to see this fun colour go, but it's definitely on its way out... Millennial pink has been well-loved, but we're ready for some new colours." Inviting cooler tones like teal and deep green have risen to the surface over recent months, as people look to brighten up their lives with ocean and forest imagery. In fact, the love of all colours is on the rise, with grey walls and beige furniture increasingly replaced by brighter designs.

With people spending more time at home over recent months, we have also developed a new impatience for clutter. Instead of waiting for spring to have a big clean, winter is the perfect time to throw out stuff and start fresh. Open kitchen shelving is one recent trend that seems to be struggling, with open storage systems and excessive displays often leading to clutter and fatigue over time. We are likely to see more traditional kitchen storage designs over the coming months, with the subway-tile trend also fading as people welcome colourful new hexagonal and octagonal tiles. 

Fun exuberant patterns are likely to emerge this coming season, as people embrace life and surround themselves with colour and inspiration. Just like in fashion, patterned upholstery from the 70s and 80s may see a domestic revival over the winter months. There is one exception to the colour rule, however, with stylish black kitchens likely to stay in focus for a while to come. While this trend is certainly not for everyone, black has a surprisingly neutral appearance that helps to highlight surrounding colours and shapes. Whether you want to add some new furniture or carry out an extensive renovation, winter is a great time to look within and create the perfect abode.