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23 Aug 2013

New Fitness Trends

Simply going for a run or doing a few push-ups doesn't seem to cut it in 2013, with a number of new fitness trends rocking parks, gyms, and homes around the world.  The fitness industry is growing at a fast rate, thanks to increased health and body awareness and ongoing celebrity endorsement.  Whether its a fast-paced obstacle course, an intense boot camp session, or a Cardio Tennis workout, keeping fit in 2013 is frantic, fun, and different than ever before.

Not long ago, people only had a few choices when it came to fitness.  There were team sports on the one hand and solo pursuits like running and swimming on the other.  Those without the skills to play ball sports or the will power to go it alone were often left on the sidelines, or more likely in front of the TV.  This has all changed over the last few decades, however, with the growth of commercial gymnasiums and birth of the modern fitness industry.


The fitness industry continues to evolve to meet the demands of its customers, with people increasingly asking for shorter classes, more achievable results, and fun social interaction.  A growing group of people are also demanding a little something extra from their fitness life, whether it's a spiritual aspect through activities like yoga or access to a level of intensity not regularly seen in everyday modern life.


Extreme workouts are hot at the moment, from Cross Fit routines and intense boot camps through to Tough Mudder events and novelty zombie runs.  It seems a growing number of people require a certain level of intensity in order to get off the couch.  While boot camps have been around for a few years now, similar fitness sessions complete with personal trainers are now being marketed in different ways.  While familiar sessions with knee-ups and shouting are always available, more relaxed group-based routines and self-monitoring are also a possibility.


While a one-on-one personal trainer is not affordable for most of us, group fitness sessions allow regular people to access tailored and flexible fitness packages on their own terms.  There are a growing number of independent fitness trainers holding classes at all levels of intensity, often operating around the clock to fit in with their time-poor customers.  Along with more personal and flexible fitness routines, people are also demanding more specialised activities that mix fitness, adventure, and good old fashioned fun.

Cardio Tennis is a growing trend in 2013, and an exciting take on a traditional sport and recreation activity.  Tennis is a great way to develop core strength, with Cardio Tennis routines often using a "pumping soundtrack" and specific drills to provide people with a high energy workout.  While the sophistication of tennis continues to prove popular, on the other end of the scale, Tough Mudder events are also gaining traction.  Advertised as "hardcore 20 km-long obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie", these events offer people the intensity they can't find elsewhere in modern life.

From a calm yoga session with ceiling fans and shakuhachi music through to a tough and muddy outdoor adventure, there are more fitness options out there than ever before.  While the weights rooms, swimming pools, and jogging tracks of the world are not going anywhere soon, the growing number of group-based and fun-filled fitness activities are a pleasing complement to the sedentary nature of modern life.