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Jules Keillor

Let's get started building your dreams. Whether you're ready now, or want to be ready one day, I'll guide you through. Borrowing or investing - I can provide advice on both.

Jules is Australian born but Christchurch is home. Mother of two busy young boys and understands the value of time!

She has first-hand experience going through the process of a build, taking on a large-scale renovator, buying a prior “as-is where-is” home and most recently purchasing a place for herself & her boys on just one income.

Jules has a passion for builds. Whether it's fixed-price, labour only or renovations. She also has over 10 years’ experience working as a lender & assessor in both Australia & New Zealand.

First Home Buyers can be the most rewarding customers to help dreams come true. Jules will take time and provide guidance to her clients and absolutely loves seeing the whole process come together. Alongside the bright & bubbly personality, Jules is motivated by challenge and driven by seeing the potential of dreams coming true.

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