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Syed Ahmad

Mortgage Link Ellerslie was created to answer the call for an efficient, dependable and hassle-free mortgage loan process for New Zealanders who want to take charge of their future.

Syed Ahmad is an Oxford graduate and qualified Chartered Accountant from New Zealand, Canada and the UK. 

He started his career in KPMG where he was involved in external assurance engagements of various financial institutions. After completing his CA training with KPMG, he worked in multiple roles across different banking institutions and gained diversified experience in financial service industry. Syed has an in-depth understanding of credit risk, AML, risk assets reviews in the highly regulated financial service industry before and after global financial crises. He was instrumental in implementing a robust banking system capable of addressing economic & financial uncertainties. He has also worked in various projects of the World Bank and gained in-depth experience in implementation of robust financial accounting and reporting system in large public-sector financial institutions.

He has been instrumental in establishing multidisciplinary professional and business services organizations. Having extensive banking and financial services experience, he exactly knows how to devise effective strategies for maximising and value creation for his clients. He is actively providing mortgage advice in the broad range of clients.

In New Zealand, Syed has been involved in the provision of financial advice and business advisory services to SMEs and successfully brokered some complex deals for his clients.

Syed is very passionate about to provide impartial and value-added advice to his clients. He has relationships with over 20 lenders that can approach on your behalf, having access to some mortgage products not directly available to the public. While working Syed will give you a level of comfort and one-stop solutions in your entire mortgage process. Syed is friendly and through professional. He is passionate about how to provide an excellent mortgage and financial advice per your economic circumstances. 

Outside the office, Syed is highly engaged in various communities such as Citizen Advise Bureau (CAB) & Victim Support, New Zealand Police and providing volunteering services.

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