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David Maha

I really like owning property and second to owning it myself, is to help others own property too. I'd love to help you navigate your way through the lending process. It’s what I do.

Kia ora whanau. Ko David Maha taku ingoa, no Taranaki ahau.
My partner and I have been in South Taranaki for almost 4 years now and we really love it. While not actually being born here myself, all of my family were and so I’ve grown up with my sister's memories of an awesome childhood spent at the foot of Maunga Taranaki. My whanau moved to Waitara for a few years and that’s where I was born. Then we moved to Invercargill (the Freezing Works was calling) to the land of milk and honey. Well at least humungous kaimoana. It’s no joke that the paua were bigger than Dad’s hand. Honest!
But now, it’s a real pleasure to be back, to be a part of this company and share with you the skills I have acquired over an almost 30-year career in the Banking industry. I really enjoyed my roles in the Bank, but rather than help my staff help you, I actually want to help you myself now. So that’s what this about. Me helping you, achieve your financial goals.
If it’s working through the lending process because you’re ready to purchase, then I’m in. I know the processes well and can work with the Lenders to help you get the deal you're after.
If it’s helping you get started, because home ownership is a great idea but seems out of reach…then I am your man.
If you're at the very beginning of this process then Kiwisaver will play a big part in your planning and I can help with that.
On the flipside, if you've finished with your mortgage, have capital to invest and aren't too keen on what you see on offer...I have some ideas for you too.
Give me a call. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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